Monday, May 23, 2011

Announcing a New Arrival - or two!

We have several spring arrivals at Dogrush Ranch.  The first is from our "oops" clutch of turkey eggs.  There were three full hatches from the original clutch of 15 or so eggs.  That is pretty good considering three turkey hens shared the nest, and that usually results in total failure.  In fact, I was sort of thinking that since the girls "tricked" me and had a dummy nest that they also laid eggs in, and I didn't want any more eggs, that I was just "humoring" them by letting them figure out the whole sharing a nest thing wasn't a good idea.  HA! 

My friend, Dorene took the first two to raise as "lap poults" I kept the third because I couldn't find anyone who wanted a pet turkey.  Imagine that!  So that is our new little guy or girl down there on the left.  He is

with one of the three moms.   You can see Wendell on the other side of the fence ignoring the goings on in the barnyard.  He's a good boy that Wendell!  The proximity of the dogs does worry me sometimes. We have used every inch of our tiny acre and a half and I have a terrible yearning for a bigger place with high pasture and wide open spaces.   Farm envy is a terrible thing. 

Which brings us to the second new arrival here at Dogrush.  When I went to get this new guy, his peeps had just moved to a new place.  They have lots of high pasture ( enough to bring in their own hay for the year) and wide open spaces.  The bulk of their investment seems to have gone into a huge, beautiful, pristine barn, fencing, huge  pens and so many beautiful alpacas it made my heart hurt.  Hopefully they will let me take pictures up there soon, and I can post them for y'all to see. 

Our new guy, Doc Holliday is over there on the right.  Isn't he a beaut?  Doc was having trouble with the other males at his home and was worried about them "getting to" "his girls".  Unable to accept the presence of the other herd sires, Doc decided to fight 'em all.  In a seperate pen all by himself, he was truely miserable, and it was decided to try to find a new home without girls to worry about.  Doc, is as happy as can be here!  YAY!  I call him Doctor Love, for obvious reasons. 

Doc has super soft fiber, a sweet disposition, big liquid eyes, loooooonnnnng eyelashes  and a beautiful face.  I am completely in love, and who  wouldn't be?  Of course he has already spit at my DH, but only because Eddie unwittingly made Doc feel trapped. 

Almost finished here but, here is a quick update on the four Toy Fox Terriers: They are all healthy and doing great!  Whew.  Now the big job is to get them socialized, crate trained and house broken.  That is a big, big job, one I am not used to. Small dogs are .....different, oh yes they are!

When the weather stays good for more than a day or two and I can get caught up with my outside work, I will have more pictures of a few more new residents.   Hope you are all surviving the awful spring weather we are having, be safe.