Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lots of updates!

I now have a working computer and a new monitor, so I will try to do a long blog with lots of updates - months worth!

I went out to the back field to visit at the barn, and decided to plop down with my camera for a while. I got some close up pictures of the goats and sheep and will try to share some here. There on the left is Hamilton, aka Ham or Hammie. He is doing his best profile for me and I just love this picture.

He let me get one from the other side, that's him below and you can see that he is a very special goatie boy.

When I went to the field none of the animals were around , but soon the two tom turkeys came to see what was going on. They wanted to see if I had food, no doubt! At the time, the two boys got along very well. Now, we have to separate them and I hate it. They were such buds at first. I have learned to dive into a turkey fight and snatch one of the boys off to the seclusion pen ( solitary confinement) really fast with out getting scratched, bruised or having my eye blacked as a result of a "wing whap". Turkey wings hurt!

After the toms came and went, the rest of the troupe came over to investigate, but they never stay for long. Somehow, I think the toms let them know there is no food to be had. But Nancy, the bourbon red hen always has a few words for me and I need to get a video of her chatting with me. It is one of the cutest things to see and hear, she is always so sweet and ernest when she is feeling chatty!

Pretty soon the goats and sheep come to investigate and then the real fun starts. My little guys never disappoint me and always find a way to make me laugh!

When I first got the shetland boys, Andy and Barney, from Tammy , they were not really tame. Now, they are the first little hooligans to come running, and Andy has climbed into my lap to sleep at times! I love my shetland boys. Here is a very, very close picture that I tried to take when they were running over to see me. I was afraid they wouldn't stop until they were in my lap so I held my hand out to try to get them to slow down. Barney was mostly out of the frame but you can see Andy's look of determination to get to "Mama" first!

Timber was not far behind and when he arrived he settled down one side of my leg, and Barney plopped in my lap. Andy was out of the frame here, but he is never far from his brother.

The goats are along side, alternately grazing and trying to chew my hair off. I try to tell myself that they are not making any kind of personal statement about my hair coloring expertise - but I am sometimes tempted to write the folks at L'oreal to let them know that "Light Ash Blond" looks like "Hay" to some folks!

Last, but hardly least, is Logan, my first bottle baby boy. He is such a calm sweet sheep. His hogget fleece was very chocolate coloured, like Timber's is now. But as you can see, he has lightened up to a pale moorit. Timber will also be morrit, but I don't think he will be as light as his uncle Logan.
That is Timber's fleece over there on the right. It is already much longer and I think he will have some primo spinning fiber at spring shearing.

That's it for now. I'll be back soon.


  1. Your babies look great. Glad you could update.

  2. Yep, Anna. The boys are doing great! We have a rescued Pyr here and Little Tim just loves her!