Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm A Fan

Back again. Winter is not over yet but the sun is out a little more so I am (more or less) arising from the dead. Yep, I am a victim of the winter blues. I really need to get one of those sunlight lamps.

I was doing dog/housecleaning/volunteer stuff around the house tonight and had American Idol on in the background. DH and I used to watch it together, but DH is working nights (ah, yes, employment has arrived. More on that later.) Anyway, I kept hearing the judges say: " you know, I'm a fan of yours..." REALLY ? Oh C'mon. Surely everyone can hear the problem with that. If J'Lo or Stephen Tyler is a fan of yours, you already have a recording contract, right?

Even though I am not the judge of anything I wanted to share some things that I really do consider my self a fan of - and I can't get nuttin' fer nobody! But still, here are some of the things/blogs/stuff that I enjoy enough to share:


The Picture is of Widget, the blind beagle. The place has won numerous awards, the blog is pretty well known, and the guy that writes it has such a knack for writing about - well, read the blog and you will get it. It is one of those blogs that makes you laugh out loud, or cry, or sometimes stand up and cheer.

You might be familiar with my friend Tammy the Shepherdess at Fairlight Farm. Tammy does her best to help strays (against all odds), and her little farm is a delight to read about. Try it, you'll like it!

At Tammy's place I discovered this lovely place: http://bluffcountryshetlandsandbackyardchickens.com

and the matching blog:

I have to confess that the Bluff Country Shepherdess has me drooling over her chickens.
Maybe I can get some hatching eggs and have a few of these Calico Cochins gracing my garden. Not to eat , but who could resist these lovely ladies? I am hoping to get some hatching eggs before spring is over and we will just have to see what the incubator can do with them!

By the way -if you visit the blog: whatever Dream says, it is probably really important, so you don't want to miss it. While you are there, look for the source of the ringling dingling sound.....

And last, but not least is the Queen of the STL SDP Bloggers: Kim and JTK (AKA Joey the Kid) Kim's blog is an inspiration to me. I suwannee, Kim takes pictures everywhere she roams. Her blog is full of really cute pictures, lots of thoughts on rescue from the perspective of a busy single mom ( again, I don't know how some people do it all!) , stuff about local St. Louis events, since busy Kim finds a way to participate in just about every thing with JTK and her various fosters. Her latest blog had pictures of the Mardi Gras Parade at Soulard. You can see it here: http://dogadoptionkim.blogspot.com

Something that I am a huge fan of , but have not spent much time with since the move to Jefferson County: My bike. It looked like the slick racing machine over there on the right when I first started riding it. But, a few hundred miles and a couple of wrecks later and it has been modified to more of an old lady's ride. I'm talkin' a padded seat, a really long stem and mountain bike grips. It is still a great ride, tho and I will put it, and me, through our paces this summer. For my birthday, I am taking on the Katy Trail. I figure a week long meander with lots of stops along the way should be a nice trip - unless it rains the whole time;o) Anyone care to join me? Really. I am looking for some riding partners so let me know if you are up for a ride - even part of the way? Hopefully between now and the summer I can figure out how to blog from my phone so I can keep everyone posted during my great adventure across Missouri!

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