Sunday, August 8, 2010

Everybody Wants to Be My Baby

Things can be a little crazy around a household with lots of rescued dogs and a lamb living in the bathroom. I know I already explained that little Timber is in the house because of his health issues, and that he will go to the barn as soon as he is safely able to. Lambs don't belong in the house, and now we have a lamb who thinks that people and dogs are his flock. Dogs can be the death of sheep and I would be more comfortable if Timber were afraid of mine. Instead, he tries to play with them, often head butting one of the smaller dogs and then leaping and twirling away, inviting them to a chase. Very dangerous, indeed.

Winston, the French Bulldog shown in the header photo resting his big head on Tulip, thinks he should be a bottle baby, too. Winston sticks close by Timber and never tries to hurt him - unless there is a bottle of lamb replacement formula in the picture. Then all bets are off an it becomes a real challenge to feed Timber with out having Winston grab the nipple and begin nursing! In this picture my friend, Lisa is in the Kitchen attempting to feed Timber with Winston trying to butt in.

When we were trying to transition Tim to the barn a few weeks ago, I fed him up there and Logan, a big Shetland Rambouillet cross from the same flock as Timber must have remembered his bottle baby days and insisted on trying to nurse from Timber's bottle. I wish I would have been able to take a picture of great big Logan trying to get anything out of that little red pritchard nipple.
I am off to an adoption event as this is our double event weekend. Wish me luck!


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