Friday, August 6, 2010


In the name of keeping this blog "entertaining" I am not going to post much this evening. I came home from my regular friday night with my mother and daughter to find Baby Timber in the bathroom crying at the top of his lungs. It is HOT in the house - again - and my -ahem- DH was sitting at the Kitchen table eating cornflakes and doing nothing. I asked, "Has he had a bottle tonight?" and received this reply: "Nah, he has been in there crying all night - I don't have time to mess with him."

Do you think he even HEARD WTF he said?

Baby T has been fed and has his 20 lb belly band changed. He was given fresh water, and creep feed. Then I went up to the barn to start the overdue night chores up there.

So, this shepherdess is going to shower and go to bed. I will have a happier post for tomorrow.

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