Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Well, over the last ten days or so, I have had two goals: To get Maude groomed and to get a new blog up. I am just getting around to the second one, and darn-it, I am going to cheer like heck for getting this done!

We lost another Rooster to the heat. It was a Barred Rock cross and I think the stress of the heat and the mean guineas was just to much for the poor ole guy. I felt so bad for the nesting hen he was next to, though. There he was, keeled over and stiff as a board and there she was, in her nest, trying to lay her egg like a good girl with a dead roo next to her.

The sheep and goats are hanging tough and the few days of milder weather that we had gave them a chance to frolic a bit and leap on and off their spool toys. Little Timber got the handle to a plastic trigger sprayer stuck in his mouth, kind of like the spit sucker thing that the dentist hangs in your mough while he is working on your teeth. Poor little guy, couldn't get the handle off his lower teeth and when I found him there was blood and spit every where! He seemed to be doing better until he got an abcess under his lower jaw. Now the vet has me all freaked about CL(don't use the link if you have a weak stomach). But I am just sure the abcess is from the trigger that cut his mouth. But to I take a chance and move him to the barn?

Cam, pictured above, had a great day today. Poor Cam has a very bad rep around here for head butting Eddie and others. It was particularily scary when he went after a small boy who was visiting and knocked him down. But now Cam seems to have settled down and he was very polite to some barn visitors today.

The current fiber project is blending Cam's second fleece with Gabe's very white Mohair and making rolags to spin when the weather cools. And right there on your left is a picture of my big boy Gabriel, who looks caramel colored, but has a lovely white fleece after it is washed and carded for spinning.
I managed to get through today in spite of a broken sump pump in the basement and a broken car on a gas station parking lot. Fortunately, I was meeting Erin Seely, who supplies Wendell with his raw diet and she and her DH waited with me until my DH arrived to fetch me back home. Fingers crossed that the car can be repaired with in our budget!

Heres hoping that you all have a great weekend.

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  1. Glad to hear that Cammie is settling down. Maybe he was having an identity crisis after shearing! ;-) Love his face markings, and he sure is a little porker! (Of course I was just thinking this morning that his mom looks preggers (and she can't be!). It sounds like the abscess is from the injury. Do you know anything about his parents and the farm that has them? Has he always been a bottle baby or did he nurse off his mom? The CL is usually passed primarily when they nurse from an infected ewe. Anyway...hope that isn't what it is.
    Another heat wave upon us. The two cool days were nice...just not enough of them--sorry about the rooster too.