Friday, July 16, 2010

Baby. it's hot out there!

I know this is a boring, bland, "duh" kinda statement, but geezle peet, it is so hot! I am worried about the guys up at the barn. My metal barn doesn't make it easy to keep the animals cool. Fortunately most of them know that the shady corner buy the turkey abode is the the coolest spot, but baby Timber is just transitioning from my bathroom to the barn - in the hottest weather we've had in a long long time!

I took the picture to the left of Cam and Hammie a few weeks ago when it was cooler and everyone, including me, enjoyed playing and lounging in the barnyard at twilight. Now, I sort of dread going up there, afraid of finding that one of my barnyard babies has succumbed to the heat.

Well, it may take me weeks longer to get Baby Timber transferred to the barn and I have say, that is not really a hardship for me as I always hate to see them go. I wonder how my friend Sandy does it at her at her place? Sandy is a way cool animal friendly fiber farmer and you can visit her here.

If you are interested in Animal Friendly handspun, shoot me an email or a comment and I will get in touch to see if I have what you are looking for!

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