Monday, July 12, 2010

I Think God is Laughing at Me!

Maybe the trick to getting a break is to just not ask for one. Eddie left for welding class this morning and returned an hour later with the thinnest dog I have ever seen. Really, see for yourself - that's him over there on the left. The first words out of my mouth when I saw him were, "HOLY MOSES"! So the name stuck and now residing at our house is yet another dog that needs a permanent home.

I guess the prayer for a break must have sounded like rank whining and we all know what happens to whiners. So, from now on I am going to stop mumbling about how tired I am and just get down to business.

To that effect we took poor ole Moses up to see Dr. Laura today and she said he is to thin to even vaccinate. I think that might be a first as well. I have had dogs that were to thin for surgery, but to thin to vaccinate? Yep that's a first. And not one for anyone to be proud of either.

It was no surprise that the skinny fella had worms: hooks, whips and tapes. We have stuff to get rid of all of those and will try to put enough weight on him so that he can be vaccinated. It will be fun to see him fill out and learn to be a dog.

I wonder what he will look like when we get him all fattened up? I can't even venture a guess as to his breed, how about you?


  1. Holy Moses! is right. That poor guy's a mess. He's headed towards a happier life now! Can't imagine what breed unless skeleton is a breed:-(

  2. Thanks, Tracy. Hopefully we will be able to identify him soon!