Monday, July 19, 2010

Rusty, and Why I Won't Be Able to Sleep Again Tonight

Rusty, pictured here, was in an email forwarded to me tonight by a friend who will just not stop sending me these emails, no matter how hard I beg. Rusty is living in a mud floor kennel with no roof or shade in heat that is killing people and animals every day. He is a very desirable golden retriever mix, three and a half years old and just as cute as a bug's ear - don't you think? Rusty's owner has decided he doesn't want his dog any more and so he is going to shoot him.

So how, you might ask, did I find out about this? Well, because a local rescuer is trying to find a place for Rusty to go before his lovin' owner shoots him. In this day and age, when we are all connected, an email from a rescuer in rural Missouri can reach virtually all of the rescue groups in the state, and beyond, in less than a day. And we are all full. Every group that I know of, is full of dogs that are not being adopted out. These same groups are worried about how to pay the vet bills, to boot.

Do you know of anyone who could love a sweet golden dog, even if only for a few weeks, while we find a spot for him? Puleeeese? Someone out there must have extra space even a kennel with shelter and access to air-conditioning would be so much better for this boy.

I do have another reason for not sleeping tonight. My baby Timber, the little Bottle fed Lamb that is living in my bathroom is sick. He is showing some of the same symptoms as an Angora goat that I recently lost. Keep your fingers crossed for him won't you?

Hopefully the next blog entry will be a happier one.

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