Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This has been such a busy week. First off, the golden retriever mix in my last post is safely settled in rescue. YAY!

Harley, a little black dog that I thought was a pot bellied pig ( for just a second, but still...) when I saw him in the pound, got adopted on Saturday.

My DH who has been out of work this entire year got a job and started on Monday. It might only be for six weeks, but hey, there will be money coming in! I am working really hard to keep up with everything that needs to be done around here - how did I ever do it when he was gone all day every day? Well, I guess I will just have to relearn the new/old schedule, eh?

I am sure this is news to no one, but this heat is killing animals. We lost two chickens to the heat, the latest casualty was Annabelle my little mixed chicken, and the oldest of the flock. I was so sad to see her go. Eddie buried her in the front yard by the hydrangeas. That's Miss Anabelle in the picture.

Moses, the skinny dog gained 17 pounds in two weeks and is just starting to look less scary. Our vet vaccinated him yesterday and he was posted on the St. Louis Senior Dog Project petfinder page here . Moses is a really affectionate dog who love to stay close to his peeps!

And, last but not least, Keesha came to our house to stay. Keesha was an abuse case and her wounds have still not healed. I am waiting to see how much I can tell you about her. I will post pictures tomorrow - they are not easy to look at though. I Promise pictures tomorrow.

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