Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Beginnings

Today was a day for the record books. At the adoption event, Huck, the yellow lab who was in the car accident with his foster mom, got a new home. And not just any new home, but a home with another rescue person who will provide lots of updates about this super dog.

Another foster dog of ours, Jack also got a new home with his very own boy. Every dog doesn't need a boy, but Jack seemed to like this boy a lot, so I am hoping it works out.

Moses, the starved dog off of the city streets started eating yesterday and met Logan the big sheep today. That's the two of them saying, "hello" over there on the left.

My friend, Lisa came over tonight to help shear Logan. It was a very untimely shearing as he is not due till spring, but I may start shearing twice a year as I just don't see how he would make it through this very hot summer with out a hair cut. I will try to get a picture of the naked Logan for the next post. I think he looks wonderful and cool, but the other sheep are not so sure! The wool that I kept will go into the wash water tomorrow. I think it will be "mine all mine" as it is somewhat shorter that can be expected and well, that makes it mine, right?

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